Wide Rainbow Flowers Bracelet

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*This item is MADE TO ORDER
Please allow approximately 2 weeks processing time

Measurements- Approximately 1 1/2 inch wide with 2 1/2 inner diameter

This wide slip on style bangle is made with real dried multi-colored Flowers embedded into resin and shaped into this one of a kind bracelet.

Each bangle in our shop is made by hand and not a machine so tiny bubbles, bumps and waves and slight imperfections are part of the unique characteristics of the jewelry. Because my jewelry is handcrafted and made to order there may be minor variations from item to item.
The size and design of each piece will be substantially the same as pictured in this shop

Measurements- A little over 1 1/2 inches wide, with 2 1/2 inner diameter


~~Want to see what a bangle looks like on the arm..check out this link

*Not sure what diameter bangle may fit you the best?
Try to find a clean glass or jar and put your hand through the opening, if your hand fits, or does not, measure the jar opening from one to side to the exact opposite side (diameter) to give you an idea

*Each piece of our jewelry comes wrapped up in a natural style gift box